The Dragonet Prophecy - Tui T. Sutherland

This is a good book. Its starts with a prophecy about 5 dragons that will pick the next sandwing queen. But one of the dragons from the prophecy is killed before they could hatched. Later on one dragon a mudwing hatched first and the other older dragons thinks that he was trying to killed the other eggs. But he wasn't he finds out about that later on. The others are all supposed to have different abilities but they don't know any of that cause they wasn't raised with there type of dragons.
They get a visit from the nightwing that made the prophecy. He finds out about the replacement dragon they got from the rainwing tribe. He talks to all of them then takes the nightwing that was raised here to talked to alone. When he returns he said he wants to not see that thing (rainwing) no more.
Later they chain up the seawing so she can't do anything. So the mudwing spies on there minders and hears the skywing minder is going to kill the rainwing tonight. That's when they come up with a plan for the rainwing to stay hidden in camouflage while the mudwing swims down the cavern in the underground river to find a way out so they can find the opening to the cavern to escape.
Later on the mudwing is helped by the seawing that got free from her chains with the help from the nightwing and sandwing by using there fire to break the chain. while the seawing and mudwing gets out into the open. the others start a fire so they can locate the opening of where the study room is.
when they get out they meet the queen of the skywings. to get away from her they hurt her. while evading her they find the opening and get they cavern open but the outside. only to allow the queen of the skywings to find them and take them capture along with he skywing that was raising them.
They later find out that the little sandwing friend is going to be a present to one of the ruling princess of the sandwings and the there rainwing friend has become some sort of art for the skywing queen. Each one has to fight in the arena. the mudwing meets the skywing queen champion which is a dragon that has too much fire in her and that no one can touch her with out dying.
She is told never to go near the mudwing but doesn't know why. She likes him but doesn't like his friends. She wants them to go away an leave the mudwing there. Later during a trail that she wasn't supposed to be there but she was hiding under the wing of the mudwing. when she finds out that her mother she though dead was a live and left her there to become what she is. She doesn't realize that's not true till an older dragon tells the truth. that both though that each other was dead. a deal was made to let one baby dragon live and there mother if the mother kills one of her babies. since one had to little fire (boy) and the other to much (girl). the mother kills the the one with to little fire. but then the queen tries to kills them when the mother grabs her daughter to fly away were she has to much fire she burns her mother who drops her and think that she has kill her daughter as well. so she flies away.
the daughter fights for her mother life. but the dragons of prophecy escapes after the nightwings comes to claim the young nightwing and takes him away.
After they escape with the young sky dragon and her mother. her mother leaves and the daughter goes back to the skywing kingdom.
the young dragons of prophecy goes to the mudwing kingdom on the outsite of the kingdom to find his mother. when he dose she doesn't want him and he was sold to the other dragons for there prophecy. He dose find out he has siblings that tell him everthing he needs to know about being a mudwing. And that when he hatched first that he was supposed to help his other hatchlings out of there eggs cause he is a bigwing and that whats they do. they protect and take care of the other hatchlings.
they deiced to go to the seawing kingdom cause the seawing in there group is that was taken from the seawing queens hatchery.

I am looking forward to reading the rest in this series.