Wolves Of The Beyond Lone Wolf (Book 1) - Kathryn Lasky

This is a good book to read. I couldn't put it down.
Its about a young pup being born with a spayed pawed. When the obe comes and takes him away to die or to survive on his own. On that night his eyes and ears open up when a loud noise happen he is washed away down river. That is when he meets his second milk giver, Thunderheart a grizzly bear, who came to the river to die cause she lost her cub to a cougar. But instead found a little wolf pup that she takes as her own. Thunderheart names him Faoloan. She teaches him everything she knows and gets him to make his spayed paw stronger than the others so he doesn't have to have a weakness. Later on she has him eat the best parts of all his kills to become stronger and to run faster than anything. As he grows he learns about what to eat and how to fish.
During a winter Thunderheart explains that she will go into a sleep that will last till spring. She tells him to go out when he's bored to eat and drink then to come back. Later one day he does and she wakes up confused she goes looking for him. but never finds him cause a quake happens she is killed when a boulder hits her head.
Later Faolan comes back to the cave an discovers Thunderheart gone. He stays till he can't any more. An thinks that maybe she went to the outermost. There Faolan goes looking and he discovers wolves there that are not like the ones he heard one night. They don't work as a pack but as one for themselves. So he doesn't let them see him. As he leaves the outermost he finds a bear head that belongs to Thunderheart and knows what happen to her.
He starts to follow the packs that lives in the beyond to see what they are like. One pack he knows he wont go to cause they remind him of the wolves of the outermost. Another is lead by a female alpha. The other he doesn't know this is that is the pack he was born in.
Later after listen to a story form the Mac Duncun pack. The leader is called to them and he discovers the spayed paw print. Thinking that is the foaming mouth sickness. He calls the other packs to run this wolf that smell like a bear into the fire to kill it so that the sickness doesn't harm any of the packs.
When Faolan is chased into the fire instead of dying he jumps the fire wall. That's when the old chieftain remembers that the obe took a young pup away with a spayed paw out into the wild to either die or survive the wilds to come back to the pack as a gnawed wolf.
When he has a young gnawed wolf write the story for Faolan. The chieftain says when they return to the pack they will named him. That's when Faolan tells them that he already has a name from his milk giver Thunderheart the grizzly bear. Shocking the chieftain he asked the grizzly bear raised you. Yes and she named me Faolan. So you can called me Faolan.
I hope the second book is just as goo as this one