Omega's New Life: M/M Gay Paranormal Omega/Vampire Shifter Mpreg Short Story Romance - Aiden Bates

It was a good start to thus book. Going to have to get the rest so I know how it ends. I like short stories cause I can read them in my down time if I don't feel like reading a novel.
If you like books on vampires and werewolves. You'll live this. Like I say a short story is very good to read in your down time or between novels.
This starts off with a omega trying to get and alpha who already has an omega but is a norm, which means he's a human and not a wolf. After taking that omega home and leaving him there. He goes home to his omega to celebrate his birthday. And to forget everything that happened that night. Like when the alpha of the pack told him about vampires that was coming through the town and they will be staying at the inn. But one comes to his apartment. He finds out that his omega and this vampire use to be boyfriends till he become a vampire. He's come to warn his omega that a vampire is after him.
That's were the first one ends. Hopefully the second will be just as interesting as the first.