Skye's Lure - Angel Leya, Sea Chapman

I really like this book. If you like books on mermaid and the ocean then you will like this one.

As you start to read this book. You meet Skye as she tells the story of how her people came to be. It is a story that is passed down to each pod that is born.

While doing that she watches a boat with a golden bottom come around while the pod sleeps. It has all different color lights on it and a bunch of people moving around on it. One named Vince falls into the ocean where he is saved from dieing by Skye.

When she meets him again its when he comes back to see if she was real cause all his friends said he was drunk and saw things. She finds out that the reason he fell off his boat was because he had a diseased that will make him loose all kinds of movement and that later on in his life he will have to be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

Vince tricks into seeing land, his ship, what a computer and tv is. Even different types of food.

After getting her to come aborad his ship by the used of a tank. he the course back to shore. And she feels the boat leave she tries to get him to take her back. But after telling him that if any other mermaid finds out about her talking to him it was a death sentence. He goes against her wishes an takes her to his home. He figures that if her and his dad could talk they can both help the ocean. But later finds out that after he paid a maid off for deleting a picture of Skye. His dads put it out to everyone to know that mermaids are real and that his son Vince has one.

Vince makes a promise to Skye that he will take her home. He figures out a way. But on the way to leaving to his boat a report gets a picture of them together. Vince carring a mermaid. He makes it on board his ship and sets off. But on the way it is all over about the mermaid.

Skye tell Vince that they have to find the Sea King that only he might be able to help.

As they search the ocean for the Sea King. They finally find him. Skye asked the Sea King if there was a way for him to help. He gives her three days as a human to put things right and gives Vince three days as a mermaid. But after the three days they have to deiced which it will be. If they don't then he will.

As the days goes on Vince is loving it to be a mermaid. But he knows he will do anything for Skye.

As the days goes by Skye is having all knids of fun. Like running, walking, shopping, ect. On one of her days she has an interview with the reporter that took the picture of her an Vince. She tells its all a hoax and that they wanted people to know what it was like to have something only to be taking away. She also finds out she has the same diseased that Vince has.

On there last day Vince tells her that if she want s to stay human he wouldn't mind that they can both grow old together even when both would be in wheelchairs at a certain time in there life. But Skye tell him no and that she want to be a mermaid once again.

That's when the Sea King appears and said he was glad to be going back to being what she was. He tells her of a pod towards the north where she and Vince will be welcome in. And that there is others pods as well. Many mermaid would leave there home together as pairs. That's when she realize that both her and Vince has always had a bound from the time they meet. And that's when she finally realize that she got what everyone always wanted in life.



I hope other people enjoy this book as much as I have.