A Prideful Mate - Amber Kell

This is the second book to this series. And I really enjoyed reading this one as well.

Its about how one lion in the pride has two children by a lioness but they aren't mates. Each wanted children Tai the lioness because she didn't want to wit for her mate to have children and  Kevin because he knew his mate was male.

Tai helps Kevin go on a website called Werekin Wanted. Its were all kinds of werekin can come and find a mate that is there true mate. As they look on the site. They make fun of some and comment on others till she passes a picture on a male. Kevin has her go back til he see the picture again. There he see a picture of Payce a jaguar shifter and he know that is his true mate.

Payce works at a construction site. He love to work on mosica tile cause he can make all sorts of pictures come to life. But he will work on other tile work or on any time of construction. He has one friend called Dennis, who is a coyote shifter.

Payce looks through his email from the werekin wonted site and find Kevin's email to him. He writes back to him and then received a message about coming to where kevin lives but tells him he can't cause he has to work but gives his number to Kevin to call him.

When Kevin dose call him. Kevin tells him he can come down there and they can get to know him. When he gets there they start to get to knoe one anther. That's when Payce finds out that they are mates. An finds out that Kevin already knew that they are mates just by looking at his picture. Then all sorts of things happen.

The PAW, People Against Werekin, Goes after Payce and all werekin cause they believe that all werekin so die. An that his best friend Dennis is helping them cause they have his sister.

When that happens Kevin calls in his alpha mates Adrian who calls in his pack and pride cause the PAW has Kevin and Payce. They tell Payce over a phone called that the more the merrier for all werekin to come here and get Dennis.

That when the wolves circle the coyote. But in the end they help the coyote find his sister. But then Dennis gets grabbed by Tai to be taught  about loyalty and my be something else.