From Pack to Pride - Amber Kell

I enjoy Amber Kell books very much. This is the first in her series.

It's about one alpha who wants to make a alignment with a pride of lions so he offers up one of his pack members to mate with the lion. The alpha of the pride falls in love with Adrian who is the brother of the alpha of the wolf pack. Talan, the alpha of the pride, Know Adrian is his mate just by looking at his picture.

Another reason why Kaden is glad his bother was pick is because there is a wolf in the pack who has been after Adrian ever since he join. But nobody knows why. That wolfs name is Olson.

When he meets the pride for the first time. One of the Pride members crash his car. Then runs away. Adrian meets all of the pride. An as times goes on he marks Talan as a possible mate when everyone comes in as says he eating him. Adrian leaves for the kitchen cause he is stress out so he dose some baking that helps him relieve it. As he dose he is talking to his brother when his brother's mate gets on the phone and tells him that she has 3 brothers that love to shot thing if those lions are mean to him to let her know. He tells her he loves her and that's when Talan over hear things and get the wrong thoughts. After explaining things to Talan, Adrian is carried back to Talan bedroom and claimed as Talan mates but they are still not true mates until Adrian completes the mating by completing claiming Talan back.

That is when they find out that Olson is starting trouble in town looking for Adrian. They all leave and Talan tries to keep Adrian safe but the way he dose it makes it feel to Adrian that Talan thinks he week. So Adrian goes home to his pack where they tried to help him cause he is depressed. An Talan is made to see that he needs to go after Adrian by his sister. When Talan gets there he finds a room full of shifters with no clothe on. He lets out a roar and everyone goes running.

That's when everything comes to light. and Adrian claims Talan as his mate cause he love Talan. And Adrian finds out that Talan loves him.

It end with his brother alpha of the pack coming to Adrian new home to make sure everything is alright and to ask his brother if what he did was right. Adrian tells him yeah it was and he looks over to where Talan is on a rock in his lion form watching his pride and making sure everyone is safe.