That Was Good (Yaoi Manga) - CJ Michalski

Hiroto takes a job as a housekeeper for a airplane pilot who has a young son after he loses his other job.  The pilot son loves Hiroto food as trying it the one day he saw him eating in the park. As it goes on Hiroto starts to have feeling for Suguru (the pilot), and vice verse.

Then one day Shuu, little brother to Suguru, comes an crash at his place for a while.

That's when Shuu finds out about there relationship together and when his older brother leaves for his job that's when Shuu makes Hiroto to leave.

After that Mamoru, Suguru son, doesn't want to eat but Shuu tricks him into eating. When Suguru gets back and finds out he goes looking for Hiroto and try's to trick him into staying with him.  While that's goesing on his son runs away. Hiroto helps find him in the park when they both first met. And that's when Suguru gives him a ring and they find out why Shuu can to Suguru place in the first place cause some boy asked him out.  And he leaves to go back to school.