Barbara Means Through Whispering Whisp Hollow

I like to read and write. I love to draw and take pictures.

While wondering through the Hollows your find some of the most interesting books that will come alive through your imagination.

Come an join me through some really good books......

The Rising - Terra Harmony

I really like this book. It tell a story about how twin siblings find one another after thinking one is dead. How the guardians of the mermaids came to be and how the mermaids and them live. How one mermaid makes a deal with a werewolf so her people can mate on the beaches when the full moon is up. And it tells about one werewolf trying to do what is right. No werewolf is born except for a couple of kids which is half wolf they and there mom is allowed to stay with the pack but others are not including the kids who come out more human than wolf.

I really hope the second book is just as good as this one.

Blood Born - Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones

I couldn't put it down. It gives a different twist to vampires and to the hunter who hunt them. I like how they have these people who can come back from the dead who are the hunters. They are the hunters who wait for there family that is still a lived that can hear them and then they bring them back to life to fight the vampires. But one human that can hear her hunter falls in love with a vampire who is fighting others vampires. An all out war is starting between them cause the vampires are stopping the humans who hear there hunter by killing them before they can bring them back.

Its really a good book I'm hopping book 2 will be just as well.

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

I Love This Book. I couldn't put in down. This is one of my favorites it has a story line to that keep you reading and makes you feel like you are apart of the book.

 I would tell any one to read this book cause it gives you so much more than you could ever get in the movie they made. And I love the movie too but the book has so much more to it.


The Breeders - Katie French

This is a very good book. I couldn't put it down when I first started reading it.

This book is about how the world would be if there was very few women to have babies.

 And how some boys look more like girls and are called benders. Many men either uses them for what ever they want. Others thinks they need to kill them for they are against god.

They have a place that will take all women that can have children and make they be like an  incubator for just producing babies. A man can get over top dollar for a woman that can have babies. They are branded to show who can have children.

Women that are left out in the open for all to see. Are ones that can't have babies or ones that where having babies and can't cause they are to old. So they are given to the men to do what they want.

They are also rogues who cause trouble for everyone. either e=stealing what they want, killing who ever gets in there way. They believe different from everyone else. So they will do things different. They like young boys but don't like benders. They say they like how they scream. That there mother like that sound. 

It's about a family and how they found a way to make they life together. By fighting for there lives and hope that they are together again. Staying strong through out all the hard things happening all around them.

I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. I hope they are just as good as the first one I have read.


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